Our People

Our business at Burgerville is about people: our employees, our guests, the people of our community. We invest in developing our people because we believe in the lasting and positive difference an individual can make when they are able to fully contribute.

Kyle Dean

Chief Financial Officer, Burgerville

8_2_kyledeanAs Burgerville’s Chief Financial Officer, Kyle Dean is responsible for managing the company’s financial data, financial planning and record-keeping, as well as financial reporting to upper management. Dean also develops innovative ways to partner with the company’s suppliers, economic development entities and the banking community. Internally, he is leading accountability initiatives that will help people quantify their results and contributions to Burgerville’s financial structure.

Dean joined the company in February, 2006 as the financial controller where he supervised cash flow management within the company. Prior to his work with The Holland, Dean spent six years in the hospitality industry with Westin Hotels and Resorts and nearly 10 years with Columbia Helicopters, Inc., where he served as a senior accountant, business analyst and senior financial analyst.

Janice Williams

Chief Operations Officer, Burgerville

janicewilliams_with_bufferJanice Williams is the Chief Operations Officer for Burgerville. Williams’ responsibilities include accountability for restaurant performance and all resources that impact the operation of each of the company’s 40 restaurants in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Since joining The Holland, Inc., parent company of Burgerville, in 1984 Williams has become an integral part of the company’s executive team and is a driving force behind the Training and Development Center. Williams recently led the creation of Burgerville’s Center for Responsible Community Leadership (CRCL) where she redesigned the company’s management curriculum and training programs. As chief talent officer, Williams was responsible for the strategic process of Burgerville’s workforce productivity. Her role included attracting, training and deploying the best talent throughout the company.

Williams has held the positions of Assistant Manager, General Manager, Portfolio Manager and Director of Professional Development.

Williams holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Marylhurst University.

Jack Graves

Chief Cultural Officer, Burgerville

8_2_jackgravesJack Graves created the role of chief cultural officer for The Holland, Inc. in 2004. His responsibilities include serving as a steward of the company’s mission and culture, as a liaison between The Holland’s vendor partners and internal teams and ensuring that the company’s initiatives such as providing affordable health care and its commitment to sustainability are met. Graves also serves as the historian for The Holland and ensures that the company’s vision is fully integrated throughout the organization.

Graves joined The Holland in 1976 as general manager of the Burgerville in Centralia, WA. Before creating the role of chief cultural officer, Graves held the position of vice president of Burgerville operations.

Prior to joining The Holland, Graves spent more than three years with Arby’s restaurant where he served as general manager.

A true visionary of the industry, Graves has spent more than 30 years in the Quick Service Restaurant industry. He has won several sales awards and is committed to the implementation of sustainable practices and affordable health care for all employees. Throughout his career Graves has spoken on various industry panels and at the Sustainable Business Forum in Portland.

Jeff Harvey

President and CEO, Burgerville

8_2_jeffharveyJeff Harvey is president and CEO of Burgerville. Since 2004, Jeff has been gearing up the company to take bold steps to become a stronger player in the food industry and to become a significant influence in how business can be responsible and sustainable in all aspects, including people, profitability and community. Jeff has played an integral role in achieving double-digit sales growth in 2006 and 2007 and, with Tom, has developed a chief operating team and leadership team that have a proven track record in growing the company.

Prior to joining The Holland, Inc. in 2004, Harvey held senior executive-level positions with Energy Conversion Devices as Senior Vice President of Marketing and also served as the Director of Product Management for Chevron Texaco.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University.

Tom Mears

Chairman, The Holland, Inc.

Tom Mears is chairman of The Holland, Inc. Under Mears’ leadership, The Holland, Inc. has grown from a small restaurant company to a premiere provider of the Pacific Northwest’s dining experience.

Mears is the driving force behind Burgerville’s mission-led philosophy of “Serve with Love,” which is the foundation of the company’s goals for conducting food and business operations in a sustainable manner. He was integral in the creation of the new Burgerville concept and expanded The Holland’s subsidiaries to include the Beaches and Noodlin’ restaurants.

Mears joined The Holland’s management program in 1966 and in 1967, he became the manager of the first Burgerville in Portland, OR. He spent the next 16 years at Burgerville in management and executive positions, before becoming president/chief executive officer in 1982. In January 2008, Mears became the Chairman of The Holland Inc. and turned over operation of Burgerville to Jeff Harvey as President/Chief Executive Officer.

He serves on a number of community boards including the Vancouver School District Foundation, the First Independent Bank, Community Choices 2010 and Identity Clark County.

Mears earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Washington in 1964. In 2002, Mears was inducted into the Oregon Restaurant Association Hall of Fame and was selected as the 2007 recipient of the national Trendsetter Award.