My Burgerville Card FAQ

Card Registration FAQ
Attaching & Combining Cards FAQ

How is the Burgerville Card program changing and why?

On January 7, 2014 our Rewards Card program changed. We learned that our communities count on Burgerville to provide access to the highest quality, freshest food possible at an affordable price for all. When the program was active, we witnessed the focus of our interactions with our guests became centered around a plastic card-searching for a card, getting rewards added to a card and using a card versus creating relationships with us in our restaurants. The card became a barrier to best serving our guests. To us, this is not service, and or an expression of loyalty to our loyal guests.

The Burgerville Card no longer earns Rewards Cash with each transaction. Rewards Cash expired December 31, 2014. We would like your feedback to design what type of loyalty program you would like to see from Burgerville. Please talk with your local Burgerville restaurant manager, or contact us at or 888.827.8369.

What happened to the Rewards Cash on my card?

Rewards Cash expired on December 31, 2014. Gift Card dollars do not expire.

Will I still receive a Birthday Reward?

No, the birthday reward was a part of the previous program and ended as of January 2014. Please let your cashier know it’s your birthday if you visit us, we would love to wish you a happy birthday.

Why should I still register a Burgerville Card now?

Registering is not required, but it is a way for you to protect the stored value on your card. Value on registered cards can be exchanged if lost or stolen. Registered card holders may also opt in to receive emails about what’s in season and invitations for special offers and events throughout the year.

Will you bring back a rewards program again anytime soon?

We are always listening to our guests to design what’s next. We encourage you to share your feedback with us by talking with the manager at your local Burgerville, emailing us at, visiting our Facebook Page, or calling us at 1.888.827.8369.

So, what is a Burgerville Card?

Your Burgerville Card is a gift card. It is also a way for you to join our Burgerville Card email community to receive updates about what’s in season, special offers, and invitations to special promotions by registering your card.

Card Registration

Why should I register my card?

There are many benefits to registering your card. A registered card is protected against loss and theft if you contact us and the card has not yet been redeemed. If you register your card, you can opt in to receive email about what’s in season, special promotions and events. Registered card holders may receive special discounts and exclusive offers throughout the year.

How do I register my card?

You may register online here, or by calling 1.888.827.8369.

How many cards can I register?

You may combine cards online so you only have to register once. There is no limit to the number of cards you can register.

What information is required to register my card?

Your name and zip code are required. Other information is optional.

I keep getting error messages when I try and register my card.

At times some web browser security settings cause errors. Try visiting this link to register. An error message will appear in red at the top of the registration form if there are errors with the information fields. You may also call 1.888.827.8369 for registration assistance.

Can I transfer my Burgerville Card to someone else?

You can edit the account information for a registered card by selecting “Edit Account Information” once you log on to your account. If your card is not registered, you may gift it to any lucky recipient you wish. They can register the card if they so choose.

My card is lost or stolen what do I do?

If your card is registered and the value has not yet been used we can replace it for you. Please contact 1.888.827.8369, email or visit any Burgerville restaurant with your photo ID and card number (which can be found when you log in to your account here) and ask them to exchange your stolen card with a new Burgerville Card.

If your card is not registered, an unregistered card is similar to cash and unfortunately we cannot replace it for you.

Can I buy a gift card with the stored dollars on my card?

No, gift cards cannot be purchased with the stored value on a Burgerville Card.

Can I reload or add dollars to my Burgerville Card?

Yes, you can add value to your card at any Burgerville restaurant or online once you login to your Burgerville Card account.

Can I add value to my card online?

Yes, once you login to your account there is a link on the left hand side called “Reload with Credit Card”. To add one-time value, click “Recharge Card”. To set up automatic card reload, click “Enroll in Auto Recharge” and follow the prompts.

How do I change my password or user name?

Once you log on to your account here visit the Edit Account Information link on the left side of the screen, and select Change Username or Change Password from the links at the top of the Customer Information form to change your password or user name.

Do you still offer the Scrip Program that benefits local schools?

Yes, schools purchase Burgerville Cards from us at a discount to sell at face value as a fundraiser. For more information about this program, contact our service desk at 360-694-1521.

Can I use my Burgerville Card to shop at your online Company Store?

This option is not available at this time.

How do I check my balance on my Burgerville Card?

You may check your balance online here, by calling 1.888.827.8369, or ask your cashier at any Burgerville restaurant to check your balance for you.

Can I change my email on my account?

Yes, if you provided an email address when you registered, you may edit your account information by selecting Edit Account Information from the left side of the screen once you log in to your account here

Can I see my transaction history?

Yes, registered card holders can log in to their account online here and view Transaction History by clicking the link on the left side of the screen.

Does Burgerville charge a fee for unused balances on my Card?

No, there are no fees associated with unused balances on the Burgerville Card.

How does Burgerville protect my privacy after I register my Burgerville Card?

Under the Burgerville Card Privacy Policy, Burgerville does not give or sell your name to other companies. Also, you control whether or not you receive information about special promotions and events from Burgerville.

What if the cash balance on my card doesn’t look right? Who do I contact?

Email or call 1.888.827.8369 for assistance.

Can I order multiple Burgerville Cards for employees, clients or customers?

Yes, contact our Service Desk to order 15 or more Burgerville Cards at or call 1.888.827.8369. You may also purchase Burgerville Cards at any Burgerville restaurant.

About Attaching or Combining Cards

What is the difference between “combine” cards and “attach” cards?

To share a single account log on and registration information between two or more cards (but keep the stored value and Rewards Cash separate), use Attach Cards.

When cards are “combined”, the stored value and Rewards Cash are then available on both cards. The cards are exact mirrors to each other. Employee cards cannot be attached or combined.

I received a card as a gift, but I already have a Burgerville Card. How can I combine them?

You can combine cards online. Log in to your account here and follow these steps:

  1. Click Manage Cards.
  2. Click Attach Card.
  3. Enter card number of the card you received as a gift.
  4. Click Attach.
  5. Click Combine.

Your combined stored value is now accessible by using either card. Destroy your gift card to protect from loss or theft.

Once cards are combined, they cannot be uncombined.

We have two cards but want to share one account. What can we do?

Families can share an account by attaching one card to another. Attaching a card unites two separate cards under one registration profile. Choose the card you wish to be the primary card. The primary user?s username and password will be used for both cards. Note, once cards are attached only one birthday reward is recognized (the primary user).

Follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Primary card account.
  2. Click Manage Cards.
  3. Click Attach Card.
  4. Enter card number of the card of the card you with to attach.
  5. Click Attach.