A Special Message for our Burgerville Card Guests

We piloted a rewards card program in 2009. Since that time, we have learned a lot from our guests. We have learned that our communities count on Burgerville to provide the highest quality, freshest food possible at an affordable price for all. We also witnessed our relationships with our guests at our registers become focused around a card. In fact, the card was often a barrier in having the kind of relationship we want to have with you, our guests. To us, this is not service.

As of January 7th 2013, the Burgerville Card no longer earned Rewards Cash with each transaction. Guests could redeem Reward Cash until December 31, 2014.

We would like your feedback to design what type of relationship-focused programs you would like to see from Burgerville. Please talk with your restaurant manager, or contact us at mybvcard@burgerville.com or 888.827.8369.

We deeply value each and every guest that chooses Burgerville. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service. We thank those who have given us feedback, and we invite you to continue to share what is important to you. Your feedback is critical to us as we continue to create what is next.

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