Can One Person Really Make a Difference in Haiti?

haiti-handsYesterday the Associated Press reported over 150,000 victims have been buried since a 7.0 earthquake shook the island nation of Haiti almost two weeks ago. When a disaster’s toll reaches such a large scale, my mind struggles to come to terms with what’s happened. I go through a series of personal aftershocks, trying to find meaning in the chaos, and to put faces to the numbers. Today I did this calculation:

If the world observed a minute of silence to honor each of the 150,000 confirmed lives lost, our silence would last over 104 days.

If we honored each life lost with an hour of silence, our mourning would span over 17 years.

As the full magnitude of what has happened sinks in, it can feel impossible that I, as just one person, can make any sort of meaningful impact in the face of such devastating loss.

This morning I read an article about 7 year old Charlie Simpson who raised over $100,000 for Haiti by organizing a bike-a-thon. What I’m learning from Charlie is that one person really can make a world changing difference, and that it is through embracing our power as individuals and using our gifts for the common good that we will truly honor each individual human spirit our global community  has lost.

At Burgerville, you can contribute to Medical Teams International’s Haiti relief efforts by adding a donation to your order at the register or through the drive-through.  Simply ask the cashier serving you to add a donation of any amount you are able to give to your transaction.

Please give.