People Development

Central to the heart of the company, Burgerville people are at the center of what allows our company to live its values to their fullest extent. Without strong, vibrant, healthy people, there can be no healthy families or healthy community. At Burgerville, we believe in developing people throughout our organization. Leading and thriving in the midst of change calls for alert, reflective and creative people who are flexible in the face of change and who bring their spirit and imagination to bear on the problems and issues at hand. By growing their leadership abilities, employees learn how to powerfully manage change and serve with love not matter the circumstances they encounter. Leadership at this level contributes innovation and creates sustainable impact, which grows our business and serves our community.

Center for Community Leadership

An endeavor that’s dear to the heart of Burgerville’s Chairman Tom Mears, the Center develops leaders to serve communities from the heart and make a lasting difference. Expansion plans include offering leadership workshops open to the community.

Coaching and Mentoring Services

Breaking through old habits and taking risks is a necessary step to developing essential leadership skills. Burgerville offers targeted development and mentoring programs to help employee’s create the future they’ve dreamed about.

Tuition Reimbursement

Seeking new skills and pushing personal limits is important to help grow tomorrow’s leaders. Burgerville offers a tuition reimbursement program to qualified employees for coursework.