Thriving Communities

The individual cannot thrive without a family, be it a family of origin, a group of school friends, a sports team or a company where a person feels a sense of shared purpose. At Burgerville, we strive to support and build community throughout the organization and within the regions we serve.

We’re in this business because it affords us the opportunity to serve great food, make a difference in our local economy and give back to our communities.

Local Farms and Ranches

We take great care in choosing the farms and ranches with which we partner. We strive for the highest quality, humane animal care practices and sustainable land management practices. We seek out ingredients that are fresh and full of flavor.

Seasonal items are one way we leverage the bounty of the region in a sustainable way. We use foods at their peak flavor, and work to reduce the amount of transportation needed to move food from one place to the other.

Food suppliers and menu items are evaluated on an ongoing basis, and at times we change menu items if we feel that we cannot provide the product in a sustainable way.

Are you interested in partnering with us to provide a fresh, local, sustainable experience to our guests? Become a Burgerville supplier. Download PDF application form and fax it to (360) 694-9114, Attn. Supply Chain Management
(We would like to know some more about how you see the products you represent directly strengthening Burgerville’s “Fresh, Local, Sustainable” brand. Sharing this kind of information will help us serve you and Burgerville in determining the best next step for both of us. Thanks in advance. We look forward to learning more about how you see your products fitting in with the Burgerville brand. Contact us.)

Composting and Recycling

In 2007, Burgerville launched an employee-led composting and recycling program that will be in place in all 39 restaurants by the end of 2008. The goal is to reduce the volume of restaurant-generated waste that goes to local landfills by 85%. To reach that goal,, employees at each restaurant determine how and what to compost and recycle, and work with the program manager to coordinate training and managing the separate waste pickups. The organic waste is transformed into nutrient-rich material that becomes available for use in gardens and fields. Paper, plastic and metals are recycled into numerous products.

Renewable Energy

Burgerville purchases renewable wind power credits equal to 100% of the energy used in all our restaurants. This not only helps create a renewable energy source but it also supports rural communities in which generating wind power is a new source of revenue.

In January 2006, Burgerville began recycling all of its used trans fat free cooking oil to be converted to biodiesel. Currently our cooking oil recycling contributes 3,400 gallons of biodiesel monthly. We also saved oil pick-up fees. The oil pick-up and biodiesel conversion are handled by local Oregon companies, which keeps the dollars and the biodiesel right here in our region.