Concerns over safety at SE 92nd and Powell spur temporary closure

Temporarily closure at SE 92nd and Powell will protect employee and guest safety

Orewashigonians, this week has been tough. At this time of year, we are usually savoring the last orders of Walla Walla Onion Rings and proclaiming the arrival of local Raspberry Shakes and Lemonade. Instead, this week we announced the temporary closure of our restaurant at 3504 SE 92nd in Portland. Burgerville has operated in this location for 20+ years. While we have successfully placed employees in nearby locations, and paid them for missed shifts, our heartbreak for them is real. They have worked so hard to serve the neighboring community with great burgers, fries and shakes.

For many months, employees have managed deteriorating conditions in the area surrounding the restaurant. Despite hiring unarmed private security and multiple calls to the Portland Police, problems involving crime, vandalism, and intimidation have grown. We acknowledge that economic conditions have driven some people into desperate situations, and the solutions are not easy. Nevertheless, we had to put the safety and security of our employees first.

Burgerville’s vision is to make the Pacific Northwest the Healthiest Region on the Planet, and we stand by that. The humanitarian crisis we are facing is the collision of poverty, mental health issues and severe addiction that have been driven by decades of public policy decisions and impacts. While we cannot solve those challenges overnight, Burgerville is committed to addressing these issues. One way is through our support of the Here Together ballot measure that was enacted to address our region’s homelessness crisis and our membership with business organizations like Business For A Better Portland.

In the near term, we are developing plans for reopening this store in a way that is safe and considers the best interests of our guests, employees and everyone in our surrounding community.