A Northwest Story

Built on a tradition of serving fresh food made with local ingredients, we continue to partner with neighboring farms and businesses that share our commitment to quality food and regional vitality. From a single restaurant in 1961 to 39 across the Pacific Northwest, we continue to push the boundaries of quality and transparency. It’s no wonder we are the hometown favorite.

Our Values



Fresh just tastes better. That’s why we don’t cut corners when it comes to ingredients and prepare our food fresh daily.



We source from local providers whenever possible. In fact, 72% of our food comes from within 400 miles of our home in Vancouver, Washington.



Whether supporting local, recycling, or offsetting our impact with renewable energy, we strive to play a positive role in protecting the environment for future generations.

Our Food

When you have the bounty of the Pacific Northwest growing in your backyard, it’s only natural to take a different approach to fast food. From flavors unique to the region to special menu items that change with the seasons, our meals are made with ingredients worth celebrating.



When it’s in season in the Northwest, you’ll find it featured on our menu. Fresh, local and full of flavor.



Our beef comes from cattle raised on a cooperative of family ranches in the Pacific Northwest and is antibiotic free.


Pork & Turkey

Our pork and turkey are antibiotic free and are sourced from sustainable, family run farms.



Our eggs come from Wilcox Farms and are cage free.



Our wild Alaskan halibut is long-line caught.



Our milk, real ice cream, and local cheeses come from regional farms and are free of rBST.


A Sustainable Future


Our recycling program covers restaurant waste and packaging materials. Cooking oil is recycled into biodiesel, a cleaner burning blend of diesel fuel.

Renewable energy

We offset the electricity use of all of our restaurants and our corporate headquarters with renewable energy credits.

Land Stewardship

We work with ranch and farm partners who view land conservation as second nature. After all, their livelihoods depend on fertile soil and clean water and air to grow and raise the foods you love.

Partners of the Pacific Northwest

We connect you to an amazing network of farmers, ranchers, artisan producers and suppliers. We selected these partners because you care about integrity and top quality food. And a partnership with Burgerville means local family farms and ranches can be successful and thrive. It’s a win-win for the Northwest.