For over 60 years strong,
we’ve been driven by one mission:

It’s our secret sauce, if you will.

Fast and delicious? Absolutely. But really, it’s all about the pride we take in our Pacific Northwest roots. Over 75% of our menu is sourced within 400 miles, and we’re committed to supporting the local community and economy—one tasty bite at a time.

We love our team—they’re not just employees, they’re family. Want to join the crew? Spoiler alert: The benefits are big.

From sweet Walla Wallas and Hood River berries to the finest Country Natural beef, we proudly team up with nearly 1,000 regional farmers and producers to bring you our local best.

Fry oil as biofuel? Check. Landscapes where bees buzz about? You bet. Wind credits? We’re literally blowing away our energy usage.

Whether it’s teaming up with local schools for fundraisers or donating to local causes—we’re here to make a positive impact. After all, who doesn’t love a thriving hometown?

Local just tastes better. No shortcuts, only quality ingredients prepared daily.