Allies for Change

We stand with the Black community.

Our community, our nation, is hurting. As a company that cares deeply about the health and resiliency of our region, we stand in solidarity with those seeking justice and advocating for an inclusive society.

We want and can do more. To nurture future leaders, employees and suppliers of color. To welcome all eaters and neighbors. To show the business community that building community resilience must include nurturing and welcoming diversity. We are committed to doing better. We are looking at blind spots. And we are taking action. Our first steps are to:

-Commit to company wide leadership and employee training that helps us understand and eliminate prejudices, biases, disparities, and inequities.

-Redesign the recruitment process to better attract and serve historically underrepresented people, beginning with the Black community.

-Partner with community organizations that prepare black youth for employment, and nurture black farmers and food entrepreneurs.

We won’t always get it right, but we embrace the responsibility of contributing to systemic change. It’s what “serve with love” looks like.

Here’s how you can help
Be active in state and national politics: VOTE

Sign Petitions and call your local representatives: SIGN

Educate yourself and others: READ

Support Black organizations championing the food system: FIND

Donate Now: FUNDS