Vote for Burgerville in the Burger Showdown!

We all know that Burgerville is the best burger chain in America (and the world, probably), so let’s tell the world! Burgerville was nominated as one of the most exciting burger chains by Nation’s Restaurant News and they are leaving the winner up to burger lovers like you! Starting today, February 5th, you can head […]

Keeping Our Community Warm: 2024 Race For Warmth

Join us at our Clark County restaurants on Tuesday, January 23rd, as we raise funds for the Race for Warmth and Operation Warm Heart! Mention Race for Warmth at the register or use code: RACEFORWARMTH24 when placing your Burgerville order online or in the app, and 20% of your purchase will go to this amazing […]

Breakfast is Back!

Wake Up! Breakfast is back at Burgerville!! You heard that right, we are now cooking up eggs and bacon and fluffy biscuits at select Burgerville restaurants, with new locations joining the lineup every week! Click the link below to find your local breakfast Burgerville. BREAKFAST LOCATIONS   We know you have missed starting your day […]

Celebrating National Farmer’s Day with Farmers Ending Hunger

Happy National Farmer’s Day! Here at Burgerville, we love supporting the local farmers who grow our delicious and nutritious ingredients. We are so grateful for their hard work and commitment to feeding the community. To celebrate, we are teaming up with the incredible group Farmers Ending Hunger, to raise money and join the effort in […]

Serving the Land with Cider: Finnriver Farm & Cidery

Cool autumn weather is around the corner and to celebrate, Burgerville is cracking open the apple cider! Or rather, we are mixing the hoppy deliciousness with creamy white cheddar to make the sauce of our cheesy dreams.   This fall, we are partnering with Finnriver Farm & Cidery from Chimacum, Washington, and we couldn’t be […]

Marionberry Magic

Marionberry Magic Our favorite time of the summer is here. The time when juicy, sweet-tart marionberries are falling off the bush into our milkshakes! An Oregon treasure, marionberries are so fragrant, so mouthwatering, and so sweet that we dream about them all year round. Even sweeter, Burgerville gets its marionberries from local farmers in the […]

Walla Walla Golden Rings

Sweet Onions Sourced From Family Farms Here at Burgerville, our Walla Walla Onion Rings might as well be gold– and we aren’t just saying that because they are fried to golden perfection. We source these sweet onions from the fertile soils of the Walla Walla valley, where family farms like Locati Farms tend the land […]

Operation Warm Heart 2022

This year, Burgerville is teaming up once again with Clark Public Utilities to support Operation Warm Heart, a program that helps local families in need pay their winter heating bills. Since 2015, Burgerville and our guests have raised more than $83,000 in donations for OWH. That turns into a lot of kilowatt hours for those […]

Always Building a Better Burgerville

Orewashigonians, the arrival of December means celebration, reflection and the hope and anticipation of a new year! Before we launch 2022, we want to thank you for supporting us this year. There were so many challenges, and triumphs, yet we made it through together. Before the memories fade, get yourself a Cocoa Peppermint shake and time travel with us through the last year.

Burgerville signs nation’s first fast food contract with union

November 12, 2021. Burgerville is excited to announce that after 51 negotiation sessions since 2018, Burgerville and the Burgerville Workers Union have agreed on a labor contract at the five Burgerville locations* the union represents. Burgerville is the first fast food company in the nation to achieve this, a remarkable accomplishment and something we can […]

Thank a Farmer

Celebrate Farmers Forever on Oct. 12 We all care about how the food we eat gets to our plates. And since we can’t all be farmers, we want the farmland, and the farmers and ranchers who steward it, to be around for generations to come. At Burgerville, we share this vision. More than 75% of […]

Introducing Seedlings

Taking Seedlings into the Future Burgerville takes great pride in where our ingredients come from. We buy from local farmers using the types of practices that benefit people and planet. Our Seedlings program celebrates seed as a vital foundation for good food and farming. The Pacific Northwest is one of Earth’s best places to grow seed, […]

Burgerville Partners with Chef Sara

Talking Fries with Award-winning Chef Sara Hauman Burgerville Fries may just become your new favorite food hack, thanks to our new pal, chef Sara Hauman!  Like us, Chef Sara uses local, seasonal ingredients to create her dishes as the head chef at Soter Vineyards in Carlton, OR.  Sara was in the mood for Moule Frites […]

Building a Better Burger

A Burger Love Story… For 60 years, Burgerville has been building better burgers. While we’ve always served locally raised Pacific Northwest beef, we wanted to serve burgers that were, well…better: beef that was pasture raised on open grasslands, grass fed and antibiotic and hormone free. Since 2004, we’ve been fortunate to have a wonderful partner […]

Restaurants Can Do Their Part for Climate Change

This Earth Day, Burgerville encourages restaurants to do their part for climate change Jill Taylor, CEO, Burgerville In 2019, Burgerville declared a new vision: To make the Pacific Northwest the Healthiest Region on the Planet. It’s a tall order. But we’ve been working toward it for decades by including sustainability in all of our operations. […]

Supporting Seed Sovereignty, One Packet at a Time

At Burgerville, we’ve been giving seeds to kids since 2001 to help kids understand the connection between our food and where it comes from.  There’s nothing like planting a seed, watering, waiting, then watching it sprout into something you can eat.  Also, do we really need more tiny plastic toys around the house?  Your instep […]

Celebrating 60 Years

21,900 days of Burgerville 60 years ago March 10th, we opened the very first Burgerville USA in Vancouver, Washington. We had a pretty simple vision: delicious food, served quickly with care. Over the next decades, we grew to 40-plus restaurants throughout Oregon and South Washington and in the process, redefined what quality quick-service food should […]

Meet New Turkey Supplier Champoeg Farm!

Turkey in the Straw? How About the Pasture Instead? Meet New Turkey Supplier Champoeg Farm! Welcome turkey-burger lovers! As we step up our partnerships with local farmers and ranchers, Burgerville has started sourcing pastured raised turkey from a newfarmer: Champoeg Farm! That’s pronounced “sham-poo-ee,” in case you’re not from around here. Mark Anderson is the […]

Helping families keep warm in the winter

Since 2015, we’ve helped families keep warm in the winter. For the seventh year in a row, Burgerville is proud to partner with Clark Public Utilities in supporting Operation Warm Heart, a program that helps our Northwest neighbors in Clark County who need extra assistance paying their winter heating bills. Since its creation in 1985, […]

It Takes a Chef (or Three)

At Burgerville, we often talk about where our food comes from. Ultimately though, it’s what we do with those ingredients that determines our success. In simple terms, if our food tastes bad, you won’t eat it. Luckily, we have a remarkable team of culinary-trained chefs who dream up, experiment, fiddle, adjust, throw out, start over […]

Yes, Your New Wellness Thing CAN Be a Shake

If you’re like a few of us at BV Central (aka home office/laundry room/pet closet) you may be beating yourself up over the Nots: moving enough, eating well, staying in touch with friends, parenting correctly, taking time for yourself. With all that’s going on in our world, the last thing we want to do is […]

Adelante Mujeres: From Farmer’s Market Food Booth to Force Social Change

One of the biggest barriers all women face in entering and staying in the job market was, is, and will continue to be access to affordable childcare. How do you attend school to earn a GED or college degree without it? Adult Ed classes, job training, and participating in the work force all depend on […]

The No. 6 Burger: A Burger to Restore the NW Region, one bite at a time

The No. 6 Burger: A Burger to Restore the NW Region, one bite at a time In 2019, we set ourselves a challenge: could we build a burger based on our company vision of making our region the healthiest region on the planet, one bite at a time? We literally mean the bite part. In […]

Burger Brigade Donation Recipient: The Black Farmer’s Collective

The Black Farmer’s Collective (BFC) is a group of growers, sellers, preparers, educators and eaters who own and operate a 1.5 acre urban farm in Seattle and a new 4 acre farm in Woodinville, WA. We recently sat down over Zoom to have a conversation with Hannah Wilson, Farm Manager, YES Farm – a member […]

Burgerville Teams Up with United Way to Support Wildfire Relief

Burgerville’s vision is to make this the healthiest region on the planet. This means that we step up during times of crisis, whether its burger delivery to first responders or cash donations to support immediate aid and recovery efforts from wildfires. Last September when wildfires swept through the Northwest, communities were in crisis. Our own […]

Slay Hunger, One Burger At a Time

National Cheeseburger Day 2020 is in the rearview mirror, and we’re here to pat everyone on the back. To our crew, our community and our guest for helping us SLAY HUNGER on September 18! We approached NCBD a little differently this year. We chose to give back to the community. For every Vampire Slayer Burger […]

Slaying Hunger Together on National Cheeseburger Day

Slaying Hunger Together on National Cheeseburger Day Today as we post this, Oregon is ravaged by wildfires and smoke. Our stores are closed as we keep our employees and customers safe from toxic air and smoke. We hope that you and your loved ones are out of harm’s way. There is an immediate need for […]

Temporarily Closed Due to Air Quality

Dear friends: first and most important, we hope you and your loved ones are safe from the fires. It’s a scary time and our hearts go out to you and to our employees, many of whom are directly affected. We want to let you know that September 11th through the 15th, all of our restaurants […]

A Portland Soda Partner with Pizza Magic: HotLips Pizza

Jeana Edelman calls it pizza magic, that “thing” about pizza. She should know: Jeana and her husband David Yudkin took over HotLips Pizza from Jeana’s father in the mid 80’s, growing it into the poster-child for locavore eating that it is today. Of course, it’s hard to go really wrong with pizza: It’s the one […]

Burgerville Takes off at PDX Airport

We’re soaring high right now! We’ve just remodeled and reopened our PDX airport location and we don’t mind saying, it looks pretty fly. To continue the airport jargon, we think of this outpost as hub: for both airport workers and travelers, whether new to Portland and Burgerville or long-time fans, for menu innovation and testing, […]

Growing Mint and Making History: Seely Mint Farm

You can tell when you’re getting close to Seely Family Farms, a 4th Generation mint farm near Clatskanie, Oregon. It smells like mint, as in, the being, purpose and soul of mint. It is mintiness to the nth power, its’ very essence. That’s hardly surprising, given the 600 acres of heirloom Black Mitcham Peppermint and […]

What’s Your Summer Jam

This summer we’ve been really obsessed with berries. Shakes, lemonades, you name it: berries have been our soundtrack, our on-replay, our summer anthem. That got us thinking: what if each kind of berry actually had its own soundtrack? Oh, like you don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands right now (#everydayistuesday2020)? Here’s […]

Walla Walla Sweet Onions

Burgerville fans love their Walla Walla Sweet onion rings. Like, really really love them. Last year Burgerville served over 200,000 pounds of sweet onions. That’s the equivalent of 15,000 bowling balls, for all you comparison-enthusiasts. With this year’s addition of our all-new Walla Walla Wonder Burger, we thought it would be fun to share a […]

Drive-through Line Dread: The Silent Stressor

The COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered restaurants across the country with one notable exception: drive-thru’s. Not only are they able to stay open, they’re actually busier than ever. A group of us were chatting about this and realized that we all share something odd: a dread of the restaurant drive-thru line. And yes, we get the […]


When COVID-19 first hit the Pacific NW, we wanted to do something to support our region’s front line and essential workers. Our mission here at Burgerville is to make the Pacific Northwest the healthiest region on the planet, one bite at a time. So here was a chance to literally enact this by feeding people.  […]

Find Your Summer

The Big Question everyone’s asking right now: Will summer still feel like summer? Our answer? A resounding and joyful YES!  Because summer is more than a season, it’s a state of mind. A sense of adventure and possibility.  It’s a recognition of the kid in each of us who wants to try a hoverboard, rally […]

Blissful About Doing Good AND Tasting Good

We sat down with Darcey Howard, Global Marketing Director for Coconut Bliss, to learn how Coconut Bliss got started and why what ISN’T in Coconut Bliss is just as important as what is. (Note: the interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.) BV: How did Coconut Bliss get its start? Coconut bliss was started […]

Holy Kakow: Want to Pivot? Swap Your Beans

Let’s be honest for a minute: who among us does NOT think that working in the chocolate business means boating through vast rivers of delicious hot cocoa as you paddle your white chocolate canoe past giant brownie flowers and semi-sweet chip-shaped mountains? We’ll tell you who: Holy Kakow founder Wyatt Wood. “We’re still sitting around […]

Legacy, Family, and Purpose: Alpenrose

Let’s start with the irony: Josh Reynolds, vice president and general manager of Alpenrose Dairy is lactose intolerant. Whoa there, whaaaat????? “I think by the time I was 40,” he laughs, “my body said ‘you’ve had a lifetime of chocolate milk and pizza.’ ” Yet if ever there was a true advocate for dairy, it’s […]

Ground Up PDX: Partners in Pursuit of Delicious

  Here in Orewashigonia, as we like to call it, we’re surrounded by a seemingly endless array of ingredients locally sourced from small farmers and makers all around the Pacific Northwest. From farmers to local dairies, inventors, millers, cheesemakers, cattle ranchers and small business owners, we’re excited to bring you their stories.  Because their stories […]