Breakfast with Chef Becky

The sun is rising earlier, the birds are chirping, and breakfast is now at all Burgerville locations!

If you haven’t yet started your day with a Burgerville breakfast sandwich, biscuit, or burrito, maybe some words from our resident Chef Becky will convince you.


When Chef Becky set out to revamp the breakfast menu, she knew local ingredients would be in the spotlight, “What could we do that has a Pacific Northwest Twist on it… that would be something exciting, that will be different from what other folks have?”

That Pacific Northwest twist ended up being a menu stuffed full of local ingredients like Wilcox Farms cage-free eggs, Franz Bakery buns, Don Poncho tortillas, and Face Rock Creamery cheese. A few simple and delicious ingredients work together to create options for everyone.

“For variety, we added a biscuit to our sandwich lineup, but we wanted it to have more than one purpose. In comes Biscuits & Gravy,” says Chef Becky, talking about what is quickly becoming a fan-favorite of the menu. A warm, flakey biscuit served with a super savory sausage gravy from Northwest Gourmet. “It’s a hearty breakfast and a lot of people really like it… It has a really nice slightly peppery and very herbaceous flavor to it.”


And we can’t talk about biscuits without talking about the one and only Crunch Breakfast Biscuit.

“We were playing around with what we could put on that, and I think it was [Ed Casey, Burgerville CEO] who said, ‘let’s put an onion ring on it!’ And that is very highly seasonal, so we started looking at how we could introduce more of a crunch to it.”

While we wait for Walla Walla’s to return so we can DIY this epic onion crunch biscuit, don’t snub the ole reliable, the crispy hashbrown. As Chef Becky remarks, “I’m part Irish, so put a potato on everything!”

Fried egg, sharp cheddar cheese, crispy hashbrown, and fresh red onion, this biscuit sandwich is the best way to start your day.

Maybe you are dreaming of warm weather and want a warm hug in a tortilla. Enter the Ultimate Breakfast Burrito.

“With the burrito, we wanted it to be something that you would be satisfied with and feel full, but not groggy and like you need to take a nap. We really worked to get ingredients in there that would be flavorful as a vegetarian option, and if you add meat to it, it just enhances it. We want people to feel like they aren’t missing out on anything if they get it without the meat in there.”

You also aren’t missing out if you are one of our many gluten-free friends, as you can get all the good stuff in an Ultimate Breakfast Bowl without a tortilla.

The eggs in the burrito are scrambled with pico de gallo and crispy fried potatoes for bursts of flavor and texture. We then add Tillamook cheddar, crunchy tortilla strips, and even more salsa to add just a hint of heat. Of course, if you want your breakfast blazing, you can ask for some hot sauce packets or Secret Aardvark sauce.


The menu doesn’t end there, we can’t forget about the hearty Sunrise Burger with bacon and a fried egg or the classic breakfast sandwiches with bacon or sausage. Did we mention we now have Maple Glazed Donut Poppers from Blue Star Donuts? Sweet breakfast fans rejoice!


At the end of our interview, we had to ask Chef Becky the near-impossible question: What is your favorite breakfast item on the menu?

“I would say that the crunch breakfast sandwich is probably my favorite. I always go back to the biscuit sandwich. It’s really tasty, I like it with the bacon on there., It’s got a nice crisp, crunchy texture, it’s got a little salty cure on there. I would say right after that is the biscuits & gravy.”

What’s your favorite Burgerville breakfast item? Connect with us on social media and let us know!