Building a Better Burger

A Burger Love Story…

For 60 years, Burgerville has been building better burgers. While we’ve always served locally raised Pacific Northwest beef, we wanted to serve burgers that were, well…better: beef that was pasture raised on open grasslands, grass fed and antibiotic and hormone free.

Since 2004, we’ve been fortunate to have a wonderful partner that has helped us do just that in the cattle ranching co-op Country Natural Beef in Redmond, Oregon. Coming together with Burgerville helped Country Natural Beef expand their business, bringing more regional small family ranches into the Co-Op. Win-win.

In 2018, we added partner Carman Ranch in Wallowa, Oregon to support our supply chain in bringing delicious, grass-fed, grass-finished beef to our menu. Welcome The No. 6, our first burger made with 100% grass-fed grass-finished regional beef farmed using regenerative farming practices. We launched The No. 6 in 10 stores in 2018 and scaled to 18 stores by the end of 2020.

Today, we’re working with Carman Ranch and Country Natural Beef developing a truly regenerative ranching program together. This has helped us expand our 100% grass-fed, grass finished burger menu to all 40 restaurants with the Wallowa Burger, The Hopyard and the Walla Walla Burger and more.

A great burger is more than just great beef. So we add local ingredients like Tillamook, Rogue Creamery and Face Rock cheeses, Walla Walla onions and Grand Central Bakery buns made with wheat grown and milled in the Pacific Northwest.

Today we’re doubling down on making our best tasting, most delicious burgers even better. We’re committed to growing the grass-fed, grass-finished beef program, educating our customers about the value of a local beef supply chain and investing in the best ranching partners repairing the soil through regenerative farming practices.

Better Beef also means better flavor. We believe that Pacific Northwest terroir – the natural elements like soil, climate and topography affecting flavor- -matters. All of our beef grazes on fresh grassland in eastern Oregon and Washington’s high ranges. In places like the Wallowas, where they’re allowed to roam on pasture. Because animal welfare is our highest priority and it’s better for you and better for the cows.