Burgerville signs nation’s first fast food contract with union

November 12, 2021. Burgerville is excited to announce that after 51 negotiation sessions since 2018, Burgerville and the Burgerville Workers Union have agreed on a labor contract at the five Burgerville locations* the union represents. Burgerville is the first fast food company in the nation to achieve this, a remarkable accomplishment and something we can all be very proud of. Today we begin another chapter in a 60-year history of investing in our employees. Whether they work in a union restaurant, non-union restaurant, or as part of the Home Office team, our employees are the heart of this company.

Burgerville has a long history of investing in employees. We were first in our industry in 2006 to offer health insurance to hourly workers, before the national conversation had started. This agreement includes wage increases, which we’ve been implementing across the board for all employees since 2019; tipping in all restaurants, which we initiated in 2019 for all locations; and additional provisions that support employee health and wellbeing including expanded sick leave, vacation benefits and paid parental leave. Next steps are for Burgerville leadership and the union to approve the agreement.

Burgerville’s vision is for the Pacific Northwest to be the healthiest region on the planet, and this means continuing to treat all of our employees equitably, whether or not they are affiliated with the union. It also means backing not just our employees but the communities we serve and our regional farmer and rancher partners.

Once again, a big round of applause to to all employees who participated in the negotiations! Together, we made history. What a great way to celebrate Burgerville’s 60th birthday year!