Burgerville Sustainability Hubs – Earth Day 2024

When it comes to protecting and improving the environment, many small actions combined can have a big impact.



At Burgerville, we have turned each restaurant into a sustainability hub. Through a few simple changes, we have amplified our positive impact over 30 times!


Every Burgerville restaurant has been thoughtfully planted with pollinator friendly plants and flowers to keep our buzzing buddies happy all year long. The landscaping also features smart watering systems that reduce our water usage. Every drop that we can save helps!


Inside the restaurant, we use energy-efficient lights and restaurant equipment to conserve power, and we recycle all our old fryer oil into biodiesel fuel.


Dialing in our restaurants to be climate friendly isn’t the only thing we’ve been cooking up. We know that the biggest impact on our carbon footprint is the food itself. That’s why we source 75% of our ingredients from local farmers and producers. Local food means lower transportation emissions as our ingredients take a shorter journey from the fields to your basket.


We also are selective in who we choose to partner with. We make sure our partners share our vision for a healthier planet, which is why we use ingredients like grass-fed beef, organic berries, and sustainable line-caught halibut. Our partners care about preserving and improving the soil and water health of our beautiful region. Teamwork makes the green dream work!


To celebrate Earth Day 2024, we are supporting Farmer’s Ending Hunger, a local non-profit on a mission to lower food waste and end hunger in Oregon and SW Washington. Farmer’s Ending Hunger connects regional farmers and producers with food banks to supply high-quality local food products to families in need within our community. To learn more about their mission, visit their website here.


Happy Earth Day Localville!