Burgerville CEO Talks with Right At The Fork

Burgerville CEO talks about staying true to our community-based mission and vision amid pandemic.

Recently, Chris Angelus of Right at the Fork podcast interviewed our CEO, Jill Taylor, about pretty much all things Burgerville:
·      Our response to COVID keeping workers, customers and our region healthy;
·      Our explosive growth in digital ordering;
·      Our industry-leading rewards program, Localville;
·      Our commitment to local farms, ranches and food producers;
·      Hiring amid a pandemic; and
·      Jill’s unique journey from pediatric nurse to Burgerville CEO.

Jill has overcome a lot in her tenure here at Burgerville — the ongoing pandemic probably tops the list. But she guides Burgerville with one vision in mind: To make the Pacific Northwest the healthiest region on the planet.

Most recently, Jill led the company to begin serving Northwest-grown, 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef in some of our burgers, added more plant-based options to the menu and grew the digital ordering base exponentially.

But there is always more to come when Jill is at the helm. Currently, Burgerville is hiring for all positions across the region, and looking to grow in other ways as well.

“Because of Burgerville’s commitment to the region, we really are looking to grow differently. We’re looking to expand … but not necessarily expand in the traditional, national way that most of the big brands do. Because I think what you start to skip over is the kind of intimate relationship you can have in the region in which you’re working, with the quality of the food and the farms and the producers and the processors. We’re all in it together for the health and wellbeing of the community,” Taylor said on the podcast.

That’s what we want and that’s what we stand for. Health. Wellbeing. Region. Hear the full episode here.