Burgerville Partners with Chef Sara

Talking Fries with Award-winning Chef Sara Hauman

Burgerville Fries may just become your new favorite food hack, thanks to our new pal, chef Sara Hauman!  Like us, Chef Sara uses local, seasonal ingredients to create her dishes as the head chef at Soter Vineyards in Carlton, OR.  Sara was in the mood for Moule Frites one night. She noticed a Burgerville, so she grabbed an order of Waffley Fries to make things quick and easy. This being 2021, Chef Sara shared the story and recipe on Instagram Live, tagging us in the process. Of course, we had to befriend her. Chef Sara claims you can mix or dip fries into pretty much everything. We had to know more.  The conversation has been edited for clarity and brevity. Get the Recipe Here

Q: So, how did you get into cooking?

My grandma was a really good cook. I remember going to her house in Illinois and the basement was full of pickles and jam and everything that she had made. She raised kids during the Depression, so she used what she had. Leftover potatoes were potato pancakes the next day. It was always such fun to be in the kitchen and I think part of it was that not a whole lot of people were IN the kitchen. Everyone else was in the living room so it was just me and my grandma in the kitchen. I think I liked that solitude.

Q: Let’s talk fries!  Waffley or plain?

I just love fries, but when I made the mussels, I definitely got the Waffley fries. Honestly, I think they’re great because of the name and also, it’s a lot of bang for your buck. But, there’s a lot to be said for the straight fries. There’s a lot of crunch on the straighter fries, not as much on the Waffley. They each serve a purpose!

Q: What are some of your favorite things you’d be excited to try with fries?

I would be super excited to make a Spanish tortilla with fries. The way I make it is to very slowly cook potatoes in olive oil and barely mix it with eggs. I feel like a bunch of fries, bust them up…that would be great.

Q: If you were going to challenge home cooks to get out of their comfort zone with fries, what are some ideas for them?

Honestly, a dessert. We grew up with Wendy’s in Southern California. You take the French fries and you dip them in the chocolate milk shake. So I’m all about dessert challenges with French fries.

Q: Can you throw a few ingredients out there dessert-wise?

I’d definitely go with chocolate for sure. Maybe some caramel, because fries are salty. Honestly you know what I think you could possibly do is take French fries, bust them up and put them in churro batter and make french fried churros.

Q: What wine would pair well with fries?

Anything sparkling: champagne, cava, sparkling rose. There’s something about the bubbles and eating salty food that’s really refreshing.

Q: What doesn’t pair well?

Probably a Barolo.  I wouldn’t want a Barolo with my fries. It’s too much.

Q: What ingredient would you never want to put with a fry.

That’s really hard! Probably tofu? Fries and fish go well together; fries and meat obviously go well together. Tofu? They don’t go well together. At all.

Chef Sara’s love of fresh ingredients and meals made with integrity, along with her love of Burgerville, make it a natural partnership. Chef Sara and the Burgerville culinary team will be highlighting the Pacific Northwest region and its bounty of fresh, local food found right here at Burgerville. Throughout the summer she will be sharing a few recipe ideas and food hacks using Burgerville ingredients like BV fries, Walla Walla onions, blueberries and more. There will also be a few other surprises along the way, so stay on the look out! Follow Burgerville on Facebook or Instagram for the latest updates.