COVID 19 Updates


Health and Safety Update

Orewashigonians, since the pandemic began, Burgerville has worked hard to meet or exceed all federal, state, and local regulations regarding COVID19. Now, and in keeping with the recent Supreme Court and OSHA decision, we will not require employees to provide proof of vaccination against COVID 19. We will continue to follow CDC guidelines and recommendations in our restaurants to keep employees and guests safe, including:

• Mask-wearing,
• Social distancing,
• Pre-shift wellness checks,
• Proper handwashing and hygiene practices,
• Frequent cleaning and sanitation procedures in each location.

Burgerville will continue evolving our policies to make our workplaces the healthiest and safest for all. We sincerely appreciate your support. Thank you for your patience and kindness with our employees as we adapt together.

Team Burgerville


Be patient. Be kind.

Orewashigonians, you are loyal. Over the past year, we know you’ve stuck with us through challenges that have come fast, furious and from every direction.

Maybe you’ve come to the drive thru to find the restaurant closed or the line too long. Maybe you’ve tried to order online and the app said, “Please try again later.” Maybe your favorite meal has been out of stock. We know that for many of you, there has been a day when you were really counting on that mint patty shake, and you couldn’t get it. We get it. And we’re working really hard to always show up for you like you show up for us.

The labor and supply shortages hurting industries across the world are impacting us too. But we are constantly evolving and pivoting to make sure we can continue to serve with love. Currently we’re working on helping all of our employees get vaccinated so they can stay healthy and keep working to serve you.

We appreciate your patience and loyalty, not only because it supports Burgerville, but also because it supports our employees who come to work every day, and it supports the Northwest farmers and ranchers who grow our ingredients. Together, let’s be kind and patient with each other so we can do our best to get through this current surge and keep serving you. Thank you for choosing Burgerville.


Orewashigonians, we are just as excited as you that our states have officially “reopened!” Last year COVID conditions had us move at lightning speed to close our dining rooms and shift to drive-thru, delivery, and ordering through our Localville app. Our reopening is moving a little more slowly and carefully.

We know this is confusing and frustrating to some guests. Please use our app for order ahead and delivery options (and to skip the drive-thru line). Thank you for your patience as we work hard to welcome you safely back inside with great service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Burgerville employees still wearing masks now if the states say its ok to remove them?
Burgerville puts the health of our employees and guests at the center of every decision. The pandemic isn’t over for people who are unvaccinated, are immunocompromised, or have young children at home. We are working on the next phase of COVID-19 protocols and what will support our restaurant communities in staying healthy.

When will Burgerville dining rooms reopen to the public?
We have opened three outdoor patio locations in our Centralia, The Dalles, and Battleground locations. We are also installing a walk-up window at our Convention Center location that will open soon. However, we will not be reopening our dining rooms and lobbies yet. Moving to full capacity takes time and planning, and we are diligently working on a plan that our employees, guests, and suppliers can count on.

I’ve heard the restaurant industry is having a hard time finding people to work. Is that true?
Yes, the labor market is very constricted right now. Staffing for our 40 locations across OR/WA has never been this difficult and we are not alone! Across our industry most if not all fast food/quick service restaurants are all facing historically low staffing levels and applicants. There are 1.8 million less people are working in fast food and quick service restaurants. So we are all competing for talent! Across the country and in our region only 13 percent of limited-service restaurant companies reported being fully staffed.

So, please spread the word that Burgerville is hiring! We are working very hard to attract the talent to reopen restaurants safely and welcome guests back inside with great service.


Face Masks + CDC Recommendations

Dear Burgerville Community, Our Magical Summer is almost here! And with that, so is the roller coaster ride of changing pandemic regulations.  Last week the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued guidance stating that people fully vaccinated against COVID-19 may now go mask-less and forego social distancing in most indoor and outdoor settings.  This news is hopeful and welcome! It speaks to how effective the vaccines are at curbing the spread of COVID-19.  The wellbeing of every employee and every guest is paramount and we will continue to take that seriously.  While we await further guidance for how states will implement the new directive, Burgerville will continue following our current COVID-19 guidelines.




Stay Safe!


We’re All Doing Our Part to Make the Pacific Northwest the Healthiest Region on the Planet 

While Fall typically means back to school, getting darker earlier, and (spoiler alert!) all things pumpkin, all of us are managing ongoing challenges brought on by the pandemic and catastrophic fire. Here at BV our top priority this Fall/Winter is HEALTH. Healthy people, communities, region, and planet. Whether you are a BV employee, a customer, or someone who lives in our community, we encourage you to take care of your yourselves. Here at BV we continue working behind the scenes and with local and state health authorities to meet or exceed health mandates, and ensure restaurants and operating practices are safe for employees, vendors, and customers. Our practices that have been in place since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020 include:

-All employees wear masks inside at all times.

-Dining rooms are closed.

-Customers are served via drive-thru, curbside pickup, and delivery. This means restaurants can operate with enough staff to serve customers while maintaining distance from each other.

-Employees are reminded to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer frequently.

-Restaurants are given daily deep cleaning procedures.

-Employees are screened before each shift with wellness questions and temperature checks.

The pandemic has taught us the impact that our actions can have on others. Whether at work or at home, BV encourages everyone to utilize safe practices like hand washing, practicing social distancing, wearing masks as mandated by law, and taking extra precautions with people who are not in your “bubble.” Let’s all do our part to Make the Pacific Northwest the Healthiest Region on the planet, and take care of our health and that of each other this Fall.


Cascade Park Burgerville Closes Temporarily after Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

Our Burgerville restaurant at 11704 SE Mill Plain Boulevard, Vancouver has been temporarily closed. An employee at this location tested positive for COVID-19 on September 19, 2020. The employee and impacted staff at this location have been placed on paid administrative leave and are self-isolating. The restaurant is closed for deep cleaning. We will re-open the location when we get the green light. In the meantime, we wish our teammate a swift recovery!

Please visit other nearby Burgerville locations open for order ahead, delivery and drive through. For information about another location, please visit, locations.burgerville.com.


Montavilla Burgerville Temporarily Closed after Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

Vancouver, Wash. – September 18, 2020 – The Burgerville restaurant at 8218 NE Glisan Street in Portland has temporarily closed, starting September 17, after an employee at this location tested positive for COVID-19.

The restaurant is currently closed and we are following CDC guidance for contact tracing and quarantine requirements. The employee and all others who worked with this employee were being placed on 14-day paid quarantine leave and self-isolating for two weeks. We wish our employee a swift recovery. The restaurant is closed for deep cleaning and will reopen soon.

Burgerville is going above and beyond all CDC, OHA and OSHA required rules and guidelines in this situation, and above industry standards. This is Burgerville’s procedure upon learning an employee has tested positive for COVID-19:

-Notify local county health department.
-Utilize the CDC’s “6-15-48” contact tracing guidelines to determine possible exposure to other employees in the restaurant (see below for details).
-Notify impacted restaurant’s employees and close the restaurant.
-Place the COVID diagnosed employee and coworkers who fit the CDC’s contact tracing guidelines on 14-day paid quarantine leave, with guidance to self-isolate for that time.
-Pay for testing for all impacted restaurant employees, including those who work at the impacted restaurant but do not fit the CDC’s contact tracing guidelines.
-Have restaurant professionally deep cleaned and sanitized.
-Pay non-quarantined employees scheduled to work during the restaurant’s closure for their shifts.
-Notify all Burgerville employees of restaurant closure.
-Notify Burgerville customers of the restaurant closure via website and social media.

Burgerville takes seriously the health and safety of all employees and customers. All employees undergo wellness screening questions and temperature checks before every shift, practice social distancing inside the restaurants, and wear masks inside the restaurants.


Burgerville Friends! Our Montavilla location is OPEN!

The restaurant has been deep cleaned and sanitized, and is now back to serving Montavilla with fresh, local burgers, fries and shakes. Everyone is healthy and well! Best practices still apply to every teammate: wellness checks before starting shifts, face masks (required!), and frequent hand washing + glove changing. Thanks for all your support Montavilla!


Montavilla Burgerville Closes Temporarily after a single Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

Our Burgerville restaurant at 8218 NE Glisan in Portland has been temporarily closed today. An employee at this location tested positive for COVID-19 on July 4, 2020. The employee and impacted staff at this location have been placed on paid administrative leave and are self-isolating. The restaurant will be deep cleaned and disinfected immediately. We will re-open the location when we get the green light. In the meantime, we wish our teammate a swift recovery!

Please visit other nearby Burgerville locations open for order ahead, delivery and drive through. For information about another location, please visit, locations.burgerville.com. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Burgerville Friends! Our Hillsboro location is OPEN!

The restaurant has been deep cleaned and sanitized, and is now back to serving Hillsboro with fresh, local burgers, fries and shakes. All of our Hillsboro crew members are quarantining for safe measure- so some of our other teammates have stepped in! . Best practices still apply to every teammate: wellness checks before starting shifts, face masks (required!), and frequent hand washing + glove changing. Thanks for all your support! Stay healthy and safe, everyone!


Hillsboro Burgerville Closes Temporarily after a single Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

Our Burgerville restaurant at 2401 NE Cornell Road in Hillsboro has been temporarily closed today. An employee at this location tested positive for COVID-19 on June 19, 2020. The employee as well as the rest of the staff at this location have been placed on paid administrative leave and are self-isolating for two weeks. The restaurant will be deep cleaned and sanitized immediately. We will re-open the location when we get the green light. In the meantime, we wish our teammate a swift recovery!

Please visit other nearby Burgerville locations open for order ahead, delivery and drive through. For information about another location, please visit, locations.burgerville.com. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Dining Rooms Remain Closed

Thank you for supporting Burgerville by coming to our drive thrus, ordering with our mobile app, picking up curbside and getting it delivered on DoorDash.

Burgerville is taking a cautious approach toward re-opening. Our dining rooms will remain closed so that we can keep everyone at Burgerville healthy and safe, provide excellent service, and bring you the best Pacific Northwest local ingredients through our favorite seasonal menu items. Look for them all summer long!

We’ll also keep delivering Burgerville to essential workers through our Burger Breaks. Visit Burgerville.com/burgerbreaks for more information.

Our intention is serve you, keep people working safely, and support Northwest farmers and ranchers long after the pandemic is over. Please visit our drive thrus, download our mobile app, and find us on DoorDash. Thank you for supporting Burgerville.


Face Coverings for Employees + Guests

We continue to monitor daily guidance from the state and county health authorities with regard to best health and safety practices concerning COVID-19. Our priorities are that employees have the personal protective equipment they need to feel safe working at Burgerville. Employees interacting with customers in the drive thru windows are required to wear gloves and face coverings. Approved face coverings can be cloth or disposable. We encourage all of our customers to also wear face coverings to protect themselves as well as our employees. So throw on that mask for the hand-off at the window or at the door for curbside pickup! Let’s all keep one another safe. Thanks for all your continued support.


Burgerville – Community Built since 1961


Face Masks + CDC Recommendations

Burgerville is open to ensure that everyone from frontline essential workers to children out of school have delicious, local meal options during the COVID-19 crisis. Staying open to serve our community also means putting the health of our employees and customers first. In addition to incorporating best practices around Social Distancing and enhanced cleaning in our restaurants, we are adopting current guidance from the CDC last week and encouraging employees to wear face masks.  We all share the responsibility to keep each other well, and Burgerville will continue to be here for our employees, and our customers—all of the people that make the Pacific Northwest #communitybuilt.


Stay at Home Orders + Social Distancing Measures

In response to the global pandemic of COVID-19, aligned with state and federal guidance Burgerville has implemented a number of changes designed and intended to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements and effectively prevent or reduce exposure to COVID-19.

We are committed to caring for the health and well-being of our employees, guests and communities throughout the Pacific Northwest region and we will continue to proactively put measures in place to respond to COVID 19.  To do this we have implemented the following measures:

Minimize physical contact as much as possible. Which means no group photos, high fives, handshakes, hugs, etc with employees, guests, delivery drivers, or any other service providers.

Love the ledge! All drive-thru orders will be placed on the drive-thru table ledge to minimize contact.  

Designated dining area for our crew. Our employees’ safety is our number one priority, so we designated a dining zones for your teams to have breaks and implement a cleaning policy for those zones.

In addition, on March 23, 2020 – In compliance with Oregon and Washington’s Stay At Home orders Burgerville has created a position, Social Distancing Officer. In addition, every Burgerville restaurant has designated Social Distancing Coach (SDC) for every operational shift in each restaurant.

The SDC role is required to:

-Ensure employees are staying 6 feet apart at all times.

-Have no more than 10 people in a restaurant at a time.

-Be familiar with newly adopted requirements, practices, behaviors, and reasons regarding measures to prevent or reduce exposure to and the spread of coronavirus.

-Provide increased awareness and reminders for the operational staff of social distancing and cleanliness & sanitation practices throughout the shift.

-Demonstrate how to effectively follow all applicable requirements.

-Serve as a point of contact (resource) for other employees regarding the new requirements.

-Provide feedback to the restaurant leadership team and the company’s Social Distancing Officer on the implementation and effectiveness of current practices as well as opportunities to improve.

Thank you to all our guests, employees and partners!  Together we will get through this.



Valued Guest,

Many of our local partners have had to make temporary adjustments in their production in order to maintain quality and consistency of their products (due to Covid-19). We support their efforts so they can continue to supply our entire region with great food which we 100% support. One of those partners is Franz Bakery, maker of our delicious Burgerville buns which has had to reduce the number of items they are producing. So, during this time you’ll notice a difference in our burger buns – most will all share the same Franz bun. But don’t worry, it’s only temporary. Gluten-free folks we’ll still have an Udi’s GF bun for you! So, show your support …for all our suppliers who are working hard to feed our community, one bite at a time. Read statement from Franz here.




Valued Guest,

Burgerville cares deeply for the health and well-being of our employees, guests, and communities throughout the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our commitment to you is to continue to proactively put measures in place that focus on serving the locally sourced, high-quality food you expect from Burgerville while maintaining a clean and safe environment.

We are closely monitoring the evolving coronavirus situation and adapting our business to meet the rapidly changing Centers for Disease Control and State guidelines in real time. In response, we have strengthened our already meticulous cleaning and food safety practices with a hyper-focus on preventing the spread of the virus.  We are working closely with our service and supply partners to make sure we are all aligned with best practices and official guidance.

We will continue to respond to this situation and take all necessary actions. Thank you for being part of our Burgerville family. We’re all in this together.

With Love,



Burgerville Committed to Keeping Drive Thrus Open, Delivery Running Yet Forced to Furlough 1,000 Company wide Due to COVID-19 Impact.

Despite valiant efforts to keep as many of its drive thrus, mobile ordering, and delivery up and running, the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing Burgerville to furlough 68% of its workforce, from workers at its home office in Vancouver, Wash., to its restaurants around the region. Never before in the company’s 59-year history has it been forced to make such a dramatic cut in its operations.

Crews will remain at 38 restaurants to keep hungry neighbors fed via the drive thru, mobile order, and home delivery. Meanwhile, the remaining 1,020 of the company’s 1,482 valued employees will be fully or partially furloughed. Furloughed employees are eligible for unemployment benefits, and those receiving Burgerville benefits will continue to do so.

“Since its founding in 1961, Burgerville has weathered many storms. This is unprecedented, unpredictable and heart breaking. We’ve been working hard to keep our doors open, but with the temporary dining room closures, it’s not enough to ensure the sustainability of Burgerville long-term with everyone working full-time,” said CEO Jill Taylor. “We know this won’t be forever. We’re looking forward to the day when we can bring everyone back together. Meanwhile, we’re grateful to all of our neighbors who continue to support us, and all the local restaurants, doing their best to keep the lights on.”

Burgerville restaurants staying open will follow strict operating procedures to remain in compliance with federal, state and local government recommendations for health and safety standards. The company is adjusting to customer traffic and volume by store while remaining committed to the local economy and ensuring that the people who serve the greater community have fresh, healthy meal options.

The Portland Airport (PDX), Tigard Signature, and B-side food cart  are temporarily closed.  Drive thrus at all other locations remain open. Delivery and pickup are available via DoorDash and mobile ordering.



Our Drive Thrus Are OPEN with Temporary Closures

Like all of you, the Burgerville community is troubled and concerned by the times we find ourselves in. But we stand by our commitment to “feed our community one bite at a time” until we can’t do it any longer.

Drive-thrus at all locations remain open. Delivery and pickup are available via DoorDash and Burgerville mobile and online ordering. Locations without drive-thrus will temporarily close for the safety of our employees and out guests.

Temporary Closures

-Portland Airport (PDX)

-Burgerville B-Side Food Cart (Beaverton)

-Signature (Tigard)

We are paying close attention to updates provided by the CDC, state and local officials. Here are some things we’re doing to keep our staff, your food and our guests safe:

-Wellness checks before every shift.

-Not feeling well? Get some rest… no questions asked!

-Wash your hands!

-No more than 10 crew members at a time

-Gloves, Gloves, Gloves- changed often.

-Regular cleaning, and sanitizing our work stations.

These times we’re in are challenging but we remain committed to ensuring our community has access to quality, locally sourced food and that we keep our staff safe.


Burgerville shifts to To-Go and Delivery ONLY in all stores

Throughout our 59-year history, Burgerville has weathered many storms. Yet we’ve always been able to serve the people of the Pacific Northwest delicious, high quality food raised by our dedicated Northwest farmers and ranchers. As the impacts of the novel coronavirus global pandemic have swept through our region and country, we’ve had to adapt and be responsive + innovative in the face of massive changes and maintain our connection to the Pacific Northwest region we know and love.

At this time, we will shift all Burgerville locations to a “To-Go”. You can drive thru, order ahead and pick up with our Burgerville app or have it delivered on DoorDash. Dining rooms are closed. New store hours are 10am-9pm in all locations. Burgerville stores without drive-thrus are temporarily closed. We continue to use the following principles, best practices and data to determine how to configure our workforce. We remain responsive to new insights from officials every day:

1.Compliance with health and wellness standards and current best thinking from federal, state and local governments. Your safety is our greatest concern.

2.No more than 9 employees at a time working in a restaurant.

3.Local food resources. We remain committed to the local economy.

4.Ensuring the people who serve us and the greater community have fresh, healthy meal options.

“It feels like now more than ever, communities and families NEED Burgerville: both to keep serving up safe, hot, delicious and locally sourced food, and be a place of connection (while respecting social distancing!) and familiarity.”

Jill Taylor – CEO, Burgerville



In these uncertain times, we care deeply about our employees who rely on their jobs, the farmers and ranchers who provide our local ingredients, and fans like you who love our food.

Here’s a look at what we’re doing to continue to serve with love:

Practicing social distancing: Burgerville is shifting to drive-thru only service this weekend as we step up precautions to keep staff and diners safe. Starting Monday hours will adjust slightly as we cut breakfast to focus on our core menu of burgers, shakes and fries.

Bringing it home: Eaters looking to dine at home can order delivery via Doordash. First-time orders get free delivery!

Staying safe: We are committed to following elevated health and safety practices per the guidelines of the CDC and local health authorities. As always we continue to follow strict food safety guidelines. According to the CDC there is no current evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food.

Keeping it clean: All of our restaurant teams have stepped up the frequency and extent of efforts to keep our restaurants clean by disinfecting high-touch surfaces, providing plenty of hand sanitizer, and using and changing gloves more often.

Taking care of the team: Our paid sick leave policy encourages and supports staff to stay home if they or their family members are sick. Both their health and yours are our top priority.

Thank you for eating at Burgerville! Our teams are ready to serve you via drive thru or DoorDash delivery. All of our locations are open with one exception: 12282 SW Scholls Fery Rd. in Tigard will be closing temporarily – no drive thru!


To Our Guests,

COVID 19 and the high level of concern for public health is on all of our minds. Burgerville is committed to the health, safety and well-being of our employees, guests, farmers and ranchers, and the communities we serve. Here’s what you need to know:

Keeping our restaurants clean is a top priority, every day. But we have increased efforts in recent weeks by disinfecting high-touch surfaces more often, changing gloves more often, providing plenty of hand sanitizer, and having employees stay home when they are not well. Burgerville already provides paid sick time to employees, but we have recently added to our policy to ensure any and all employees can take leave if they are sick.

Currently all 42 Burgerville locations are open and ready to serve you! If that changes, we will send an email, post a note on our website, and post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

If you prefer to limit your interactions with the public right now, you can get our burgers, fries and shakes delivered by DoorDash or we will see you at our drive thru.

We will continue to monitor and follow guidance from state or federal authorities to ensure everyone’s health and safety. We all have a part to play in keeping each other healthy. Thank you for supporting us. Together, let’s follow best practices and be well. If you have any questions or concerns, email me: ceo@burgerville.com.


Jill Taylor
CEO, Burgerville