Find Your Summer

The Big Question everyone’s asking right now: Will summer still feel like summer? Our answer? A resounding and joyful YES!  Because summer is more than a season, it’s a state of mind. A sense of adventure and possibility.  It’s a recognition of the kid in each of us who wants to try a hoverboard, rally the family for backyard flashlight tag, or learn about the constellations. So our mission right now,  hoverboard dangers aside, is to help you find your summer.  We’ve got a few ideas to get you going:

Stuff yourself with local berries. Right now, they are everywhere. Many  U-Pick berry farms plan to be open. You could grow berries yourself simply by letting those annoying raspberry bushes take over. Or, there’s always scrumping. Note: asking first never hurts.

Sing around a campfire:  invest in a firepit or simply  DIY it. (Note: use fireproof container and place on brick or concrete and NOT ON THE LAWN. You know who you are, lawn-scorcher.)  Add a few chairs, s’mores fixings, and a guitar or ukelele. Brush up on some ghost stories to terrify the kids and you’re good to go.

Find your inner messy artist: from tie-dying to chalk art to experimental dog grooming, this can be your time to shine! And, your dog’s time to hide.

So there you go: just a few ideas to launch your Summer 2020. It may be different this year, but it’s here. How will you find your summer? Post your favorites summer pastimes using the hashtag #findyoursummer for a repost.

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