Holy Kakow: Want to Pivot? Swap Your Beans

Let’s be honest for a minute: who among us does NOT think that working in the chocolate business means boating through vast rivers of delicious hot cocoa as you paddle your white chocolate canoe past giant brownie flowers and semi-sweet chip-shaped mountains? We’ll tell you who: Holy Kakow founder Wyatt Wood. “We’re still sitting around mixing up chocolate in 25 gallon stock pots,” he laughs. Yeah, it’s chocolate, but it’s a lot of work.

Don’t let the fact that it’s all a bit less romantic dissuade you from becoming a huge fan of Wyatt Wood and Holy Kakow, his mission-based organic chocolate company. Wyatt’s interest in international development – he has degrees in public health and economics – was perfectly timed with a hot new trend: specialty coffees. He saw an opportuni