Hours and Menu Temporarily Limited in Some Locations

Dear Orewashigonians,

In our 60 years serving Orewashigonians delicious, local food, we’ve seen a few things. So it’s with a lot of experience that we say this: today’s business environment is one of the most challenging we have ever seen.

Right now, and like so many other restaurants and hospitality-focused businesses, we are facing critical supply and staffing shortages. Our teams are working extremely hard to remedy both situations, but as we weather this storm, you may find that your local Burgerville has adjusted its days and hours of operation, and that some menu items may be unavailable. We’ll always keep you updated online about hours and menu:

Is my location open?

Check the Burgerville app (click here for links to download the app), our location finder, or Google search. Each of these is updated in real time. Is my favorite menu item available?

Again, check the Burgerville app (click here for links to download the app). Menu offerings are updated in real time. Thank you SO MUCH for your support as we work through these tumultuous times, and keep our employees and guests healthy, happy and safe.

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