Meet New Turkey Supplier Champoeg Farm!

Turkey in the Straw? How About the Pasture Instead? Meet New Turkey Supplier Champoeg Farm!

Welcome turkey-burger lovers! As we step up our partnerships with local farmers and ranchers, Burgerville has started sourcing pastured raised turkey from a newfarmer: Champoeg Farm!

That’s pronounced “sham-poo-ee,” in case you’re not from around here.

Mark Anderson is the fourth-generation farmer at Champoeg Farm in St. Paul, Oregon, where his family raises pastured turkeys on acres of open space. The new Best Coast Turkey Burger is now available in all of Burgerville’s Oregon locations.

When Burgerville declared that our vision was to make the Pacific Northwest the Healthiest Region on the Planet, we knew it meant putting climate change on the menu, not to mention expanding our partnerships with local food producers and connecting guests to healthier choices. Building on the grass-fed, grass-finished No. 6 burger, the Best Coast Turkey Burger made with local, pastured turkey is a great next step.

Champoeg Farm uses regenerative agriculture practices, meaning Mark and his family farm the land in ways that rehabilitate soil, and conserve water. Animals are never given hormones or antibiotics, and they are raised on open pasture, prairie grasses, and nourishing cover crops.

Champoeg Farm was established in 1956. Mark’s great grandmother would herd turkeys through the oak grove to forage on acorns and then take them to Portland by ferry to be sold. Their oak grove is now part of Champoeg State Park, but the rest of the farm and the family is still there, still farming.

In 2015, Champoeg Farm expanded their operation to include on-farm processing. So they not only grow the turkeys, they also process them into patties for our new turkey burger.

Mark is excited about the new burger, saying, “Our family is proud to join this great local supplier network.”

KGW went down to visit Champoeg Farm.  Here is a short video about that experience.

Checkout Champoeg Farm for more information about Mark and his turkeys. And visit your favorite Oregon Burgerville to try the new burger!