Since 2015, we’ve helped families keep warm in the winter.

For the seventh year in a row, Burgerville is proud to partner with Clark Public Utilities in supporting Operation Warm Heart, a program that helps our Northwest neighbors in Clark County who need extra assistance paying their winter heating bills. Since its creation in 1985, Operation Warm Heart has provided more than $4 million to nearly 16,000 customers in financial crisis. This year, many are sure to need that help, and we’re excited that customers can help.

From January 18 to 31, order via the BV app or at the drive thru, and you’ll have the opportunity to donate to Operation Warm Heart. Last year, Burgerville customers raised $15,000, bringing contributions to a total of $73,000 since 2015.

(If you haven’t tried our app yet, it’s available now from the App Store and Google Play. First time app users will receive a free cheeseburger!).

Supporting Operation Warm Heart is part of Burgerville’s vision to make the Pacific Northwest the healthiest region on the planet. This means healthy families, a healthy economy, and a healthy environment. We know that many Northwest families are in economic hardship right now due to the pandemic, and it is likely that more people than ever will need help this season. And we know that you, our customers and fans, are a generous community of givers. We can’t wait to see what our community does this year for Operation Warm Heart!

Want to do even more? And get some exercise too? You can sign up for the Race For Warmth, a fun run (or walk!) held virtually the last weekend in January. You can do a 5K or 10K, and all proceeds benefit Operation Warm Heart. You do not need to be a Clark County resident to participate. This is 2021. Anyone can join from anywhere!

Race For Warmth was a success!
Thank you generous customers–together you raised 10K to help families stay warm this winter. On behalf of Clark Public Utility District, we are so grateful.