When is pumpkin back? This question pops up around oh, July every year. Think we’re kidding? Last year, customers crunched through 23,809 Ruby Jewel Pumpkin Spice ice cream sandwiches and drank 9148 gallons of our Pumpkin Shakes, enough to fill a 12×24 swimming pool. Which, by the way, don’t ever do that. Or this.

Well, breathe a sigh of relief because pumpkin is in the house. Which is a good thing (hello, 20-areyoukiddingme-20), because we need pumpkin more than ever. It’s our de facto national symbol for all things cozy, snuggly, comforting and warm. It’s basically a puppy. Though perhaps these dog owners jumped the shark on this one.

So what is this thing with pumpkin? Perhaps it’s nostalgia. It reminds us of our childhood: holidays, carving, the smell of fresh pumpkin and roasting seeds, watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown for the millionth time. (Peanuts trivia: Among the 150 children who voiced the Peanuts characters over the years, Fergie of Black Eyed Peas fame was one of the Sally’s. Who knew?)

And if you grow up in the PNW, the annual pumpkin patch visit is a must. It’s often a kid’s first experience with seeing where their food actually comes from. Luckily, Northwest pumpkin patches are open for business, though they’re including safety measures such as reservations, masks, hand washing, and time between bookings to clean and sanitize the maze etc..

Pumpkin shakes should taste like pumpkin, don’t you think? We flavor ours with spiced Pumpkin Butter from Oregon Growers based on Hood River, OR. Founded in 2003 by David Gee, OG works directly with farms and orchards in the Hood River Valley to create a range of products and “farm direct” specialty foods that reflect the bounty of the area. They also make the Oregon strawberry jam used in our seasonal Almond Butter and Jam Shakes!

Here’s their Pumpkin Butter Tart with Brown Butter Ginger Snap Crust.

We hope you’ll enjoy a dairy or Bliss Pumpkin Shake this season. It’s a treat. And because you may want a trick instead, we also leave you with some truly terrifying pumpkin carving ideas to cozy up to with your loved ones.