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Regeneration: From Soil to Soul

At Burgerville, who we partner with matters to us. In fact, it’s everything. We’ve made a commitment to work with producers and makers whose farming practices embrace regenerative agriculture, a complex set of principles aimed at improving soil health and reviving regional economies. Let’s break it down for you:

Regenerative Agriculture: the Soil

Remember that high school science class on carbon? No? We don’t either. Here’s what you need to know: carbon is in everything. It’s an essential building block for all forms of life, so it’s a very big deal. And storing carbon is  really important in reversing climate change – yes, climate change. Which is a real thing, by the way. What stores carbon? Healthy soil. So, regenerative agriculture is all about farming and grazing practices that rebuild and restore the soil. You can read more about it here: http://www.regenerativeagriculturedefinition.com/

Restoring Local Economies: the Soul

Here’s what we love: regenerative agriculture goes beyond soil health; it’s also about regenerating local economies. Simply put, better yields lead to more productive farms and ranches, and that creates jobs and helps those  communities prosper. That’s why we choose regionally-based small family farms, ranches, producers and makers. Together, we’re working to restore the health of not just this region’s soil, but of its communities and economies.