Spreading Good! Ground Up & Burgerville Collab

At Burgerville, we are nutty about uplifting our community! That’s why we always strive to find partners that are also serving with love. Ground Up, a social enterprise out of Portland, works hard to #spreadgood in our community through their amazing nut butters!

From February 20th until March 30th, we are featuring Ground Up nut butter in our Waffle Cone Nut Butter Shake.

Ground Up is on a mission to “remove employment barriers for women overcoming adversity by providing job training and mentorship”, while also making better-for-you nut butters. They act as a stepping-stone for women re-entering the workforce by offering part-time work, skill development, and eventually future career support. Ground Up is committed to building community and confidence for women so they can support themselves and their families.


And not only are Ground Up nut butters good for our community, but they are also good for our taste buds! The Waffle Cone Nut Butter shake is blended with a huge dollop of Ground Up’s almond-cashew butter that has a dreamy swirl of gluten-free waffle cone pieces made by Kate’s Ice Cream, vanilla beans, and coconut flakes. YUM!

Plus, Ground Up nut butters are always peanut-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free, making these creamy jars of goodness easier to share with everyone (if you feel like sharing!)

Want to learn more about Ground Up’s mission of spreading good? Slurp down one of our Waffle Cone Nut Butter Shakes while you peruse the Ground Up blog all about their work empowering women in our community and beyond!