Burgerville Takes off at PDX Airport

We’re soaring high right now! We’ve just remodeled and reopened our PDX airport location and we don’t mind saying, it looks pretty fly. To continue the airport jargon, we think of this outpost as hub: for both airport workers and travelers, whether new to Portland and Burgerville or long-time fans, for menu innovation and testing, and for new collaborations with regional partners. And as the first location to open since the pandemic hit the Pacific Northwest in March, it will be a model for other Burgerville locations to safely reopen when the time comes.

First up, PDX Burgerville is serving breakfast here, starting at 5:00 am each morning. Yes, some people actually work at 5:00 am and they deserve a medal, or at least a good breakfast. People like airport essential workers, airline personnel and early morning travelers. We’ve got scrambles, breakfast sandwiches, juice and of course, coffee. Lots of coffee. W