Burgerville Takes off at PDX Airport

We’re soaring high right now! We’ve just remodeled and reopened our PDX airport location and we don’t mind saying, it looks pretty fly. To continue the airport jargon, we think of this outpost as hub: for both airport workers and travelers, whether new to Portland and Burgerville or long-time fans, for menu innovation and testing, and for new collaborations with regional partners. And as the first location to open since the pandemic hit the Pacific Northwest in March, it will be a model for other Burgerville locations to safely reopen when the time comes.

First up, PDX Burgerville is serving breakfast here, starting at 5:00 am each morning. Yes, some people actually work at 5:00 am and they deserve a medal, or at least a good breakfast. People like airport essential workers, airline personnel and early morning travelers. We’ve got scrambles, breakfast sandwiches, juice and of course, coffee. Lots of coffee. We all want a well-caffeinated flight crew.

For the rest of us who travel at a saner hour, we have all sorts of new items and we’ll be introducing a lot more in the months to come. Burgerville PDX is kind of like our test kitchen: a place to try new and limited run items that could appear on menus in other locations. Our chef is paying close attention to customer reactions so if you fancy yourself an influencer, step right up.

Speaking of influence: vegans, we heard you! For the first time in our 60-year history, we’re adding some fully plant-based options to both the breakfast and lunch menus. Along with our veggie bean burger, we’ve got a vega-line-up that may just convince you to switch to the plant-based side:
Field Roast vegan sausage patties

Just Egg plant-based eggs

Hey Babe cashew cheese spread.

And for those of you who are literally on the go, we have a case of Grab and Go items. Please grab away.

We’re also launching a number of new collaborations and partnerships with regional favorites like:
Columbia Gorge Juice

Champoeg Farm Turkey

More about these fantastic partners in future blogposts. You’ll also get to try out different local coffees through our new coffee collaboration with local roasters throughout the year. First up: Vancouver, WA’s Relevant Coffee.

Finally, put that waiting in the security line or deplaning time to good use and order ahead on the Burgerville app. Our smiling-while-masked servers will have your order waiting for you.

Need a little traveling music for your journey (including Journey)? Check out our Burgerville Travel Tunes Playlist on Spotify.

Happy travels!