Thank you for your loyalty, Orewashigonians.

Be patient. Be kind.

Orewashigonians, you are loyal. Over the past year, we know you’ve stuck with us through challenges that have come fast, furious and from every direction.

Maybe you’ve come to the drive thru to find the restaurant closed or the line too long. Maybe you’ve tried to order online and the app said, “Please try again later.” Maybe your favorite meal has been out of stock. We know that for many of you, there has been a day when you were really counting on that mint patty shake, and you couldn’t get it. We get it. And we’re working really hard to always show up for you like you show up for us.

The labor and supply shortages hurting industries across the world are impacting us too. But we are constantly evolving and pivoting to make sure we can continue to serve with love. Currently we’re working on helping all of our employees get vaccinated so they can stay healthy and keep working to serve you.

We appreciate your patience and loyalty, not only because it supports Burgerville, but also because it supports our employees who come to work every day, and it supports the Northwest farmers and ranchers who grow our ingredients. Together, let’s be kind and patient with each other so we can do our best to get through this current surge and keep serving you. Thank you for choosing Burgerville.