At Burgerville, we believe that quality and community come first. Which is why we hand select each of our local partners, guaranteeing that our food stands up to the highest quality and ethical standards. Not only do we source the best ingredients around, but we do so in our own backyard whenever possible. Guaranteeing that we support local, keep dollars in our economy and support our neighbors in the Pacific Northwest. When a local option is not available, we seek out partners who we can trust to raise their livestock, and grow their crops responsibly. We believe that communication should be open, and food should be delicious and socially responsible. We also believe in making friends along the way, so come in today and let us share our story with your family.

Wind Power Partners

Sustainability Partners

SeQuential Biofuels – We send all of our used cooking oil to be recycled into biofuel.  Available throughout Oregon and Washington
Portland, Oregon;

Burgerville Partners

Bob’s Red Mill – Our oatmeal comes from Bob’s Red Mill, the USDA certified company whose called Oregon home since 1978.
Milwaukie, OR;

Bowery Bagels – Provider of hand rolled New York style bagels. The ingredients in their bagels are deliciously simple: Shepherd’s Grain flour from the Pacific Northwest, malt, yeast, salt, and water. That’s it. The dough is fermented to develop flavor and texture. The bagels are boiled in small batches, then baked to perfection. Burgerville finishes the bagels in our restaurants for a fresh out of the oven experience.
Portland, OR;

Chez Marie – Veggie patties with ingredients that read like a recipe. Every patty is vegetarian, gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free, and Non-GMO Project Verified. Produces our Spicy Anasazi Burger.
Lake Oswego, OR;

Coca-Cola – Provider of soft drinks and iced tea. Syrups made and distributed by the Portland bottling plant.
Portland, OR bottling plant;

Coleman Natural/Purdue Farms – Chickens are raised in a reduced-stress environment, never administered antibiotics or growth-promoting drugs (including hormones or steroids*) and fed an all-vegetarian diet with no animal by-products
Family Farms in PA;
† Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones or steroids in poultry or pork.

Cougar Mountain Cookies – Gourmet cookies from our neighbors in Seattle made with simple, all-natural ingredients and minimal environmental impact. Baked fresh in Burgerville restaurants daily.
Seattle, WA;

Country Natural Beef – A co-op of individual local family ranches that produces sustainable, antibiotic-free, vegetarian fed, high-quality -beef. Committed the land, animals and water sources, they believe in stewarding the land for all future generations.

Diestel Farms – Family-owned turkey farm based in California that prides itself on their compassion-first approach. Their turkeys are slow grown and fed a 100% vegetarian feed. This dedication to quality and respect earned them the country’s first 5+ Rating from the Global Animal Partnership.
Sonora, CA;

Don Pancho – Authentic Mexican food producer native to Salem. Supplies our tortillas for the breakfast burritos.
Salem, OR;

Franz – Fresh buns made and delivered to each Burgerville with a commitment to local for over 128 years.
Portland, OR;

Fulton Provisions Co. – Safe Quality (SQF) certified beef processor that strives for sustainable practices. A partner to Burgerville since 1961.
Portland, OR;

Hazelnut Growers of OR – Oregon is the largest producer of Hazelnuts in the world. We celebrate our region’s bounty by using responsibly grown hazelnuts in our smoothies and shakes.
Cornelius, OR;

Lamb Weston – Producer of French fries and other seasonal favorite potato products committed to consistently pursuing innovation, quality, and sustainability.
Quincy, WA;

Liepold Farms – Family owned and operated since 1950, Liepold Farms produces the finest Northwest strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries for our still made by hand strawberry shortcakes, signatures milkshakes and smoothies.
Boring, OR;

Lummi Island Wild –  Fishing wild pink salmon in complete harmony with the surrounding environment by using an ancient ref-net fishing method.  They are the World’s only solar powered salmon fishery, and have the ability to return unharmed to the sea non-target species.
Bellingham, WA;

Mann Packing – A sustainable and adaptive majority women-owned and operated farm, focused on minimizing waste and producing consistent, quality lettuce and salad mixes.
Salinas, CA;

Meduri Farms – Specialty dried cranberries grown in the Willamette Valley since 1984.
Willamette Valley, OR;

Niman Ranch –Antibiotic and hormone-free hogs raised outdoors in deeply bedded pens allowed to express their natural instinctive behaviors. Over 800 family farms throughout Iowa and other Midwestern states, setting the standard for humane treatment of animals in the pork industry.
Mid-west Family Farms;

NW Gourmet Foods – Family-owned producer making our signature recipes for spread, mayo, tartar sauce, dressings and dipping sauces., located in the Pacific Northwest
Renton, WA;

Odyssey Seafood – Wild-caught Alaskan halibut processor that follows the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP). They strive to operate under a model of sustainability and serve as environmental stewards.
Seattle, WA;

Oregon Rain – Rainwater collected using methods that ensure a clean product. The water is then bottled in biodegradable packaging. Provider of our bottled water.
Newberg, OR;

Pac Paper – Paper used to package a variety of our food products. They are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified for their responsible forest management practices.
Portland, OR;

Portland French– Local bakery, started in 1985, which crafts our Pub Bun.
Portland, OR;

Portland Roasting Coffee – A fair-trade coffee roaster based in Portland that sources their beans from high quality suppliers.
Portland, OR;

River Point Farms – Sweet Onions closely monitored through every step of production, resulting in a consistent quality. Only from this region do we relish in the mighty Walla Walla Onion Ring and our show stopping seasonal WW Onion Burger during July-August of each year
Walla Walla, WA;

Rogue Creamery – Artisanal, award-winning blue cheese. They illustrate a continued commitment to community and ambitious sustainability goals.
Central Point, OR;

Stahlbush Island Farms – Fresh pumpkin grown on a Food Alliance Certified Sustainable farm.
Corvallis, OR;

Sunshine Dairy Foods – Fourth generation, family-owned, independently operated dairy processing in Portland, Oregon using cold bowl methods that produce highly sought after milk by local coffee shops. All Ice cream, milk, eggnog and other dairy products are screened to ensure no traces of rBST are ever present.
Portland, OR;

Sysco – Distribution partner faithful to the “farm to fork” model connecting our local food and paper supply to our 40 restaurants.
Wilsonville, OR;

Tillamook Creamery – A farmer-owned co-op that produces our locally made Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Swiss and White Cheddar cheeses, committed to quality in every step of production.
Tillamook, OR;

Truitt Brothers – Blending delicious Northwest delicacies such as cherries and local pumpkins into milkshake bases for the last 40 years.
Salem, OR;

Udi’s – Winner of multiple awards for superior taste and quality, Udis breads and rolls nourish those who prefer a gluten-free option.

Wilcox Family Farms  – Family-owned egg producer since 1909 committed to producing high quality, certified humane raised and handled cage-free eggs.
Roy, Wa;

YoCream International – Never powdered, always creamy and delicious. This real nonfat frozen yogurt is packed full of healthy live cultures and is sure to please.
Portland, OR;