Marionberry Magic

Marionberry Magic

Our favorite time of the summer is here. The time when juicy, sweet-tart marionberries are falling off the bush into our milkshakes! An Oregon treasure, marionberries are so fragrant, so mouthwatering, and so sweet that we dream about them all year round.

Even sweeter, Burgerville gets its marionberries from local farmers in the Willamette Valley. One of those farmers, Taylor Martin, lights up with joy when he talks about his berries.

“A lot of people ask about the secret of making the perfect berry, and honestly, it’s magic.”

While we can’t argue with the magic of Mother Nature, we can say that the loving care of family farmers is also essential to growing delicious berries. Taylor says, “I’ve heard a saying that the best fertilizer that you can put on your field is your footprints.”

At Taylor’s family farm, 5 generations of dedicated farmers have contributed countless hours and footprints to the berry fields.

Late in the summer is when we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Under the August sun, marionberries are a refreshing reprieve, perfectly pairing with silky vanilla ice cream or a zippy lemonade. Look for those deep violet hues signaling the return of the beloved marionberry.

Head on down to your local Burgerville for a taste of Oregon! You won’t find marionberry treats like these anywhere else!

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